Way of Farming

Our free range method operates year round with various management styles being used throughout the year. ​


Rotationally graze pasture fields with a new strip every 12-48 hours. Cows return to this strip every 3-4 weeks.

What does this method do?

  • Increases photosynthesis and deep roots
  • Faster recovery
  • Increase of forage production
  • Trampling organic matter into soil
  • Adds freshly digested manure
  • Conserves moisture



Two methods are used during the winter months until the spring green flush grass arrives:

  1. Corn Grazing is used to extend the grazing season into winter.
  2. Bale Grazing is used throughout the winter across fields that require fertilizer for the next year.

The Herd

Replacement heifers are kept from cows that meet a high production low maintenance based criteria. They must produce a healthy, unassisted calf that is in the top 5% all the way through to weaning without intervention. This includes:

  • No sickness
  • No calving issues
  • No hoof issues

This results in a genetically superior low maintenance and a profitable herd. Cows that do not meet this criteria are culled by either us or mother nature. 

The above methods results in:

  • Cattle provide almost all fertilizer requirements. 
  • Reduction of fossil fuels.
  • 60% of feed consumed while still growing, reducing harvest and storage costs
  • Fields are naturally manured by the grazing 
  • Cover crops planted to reduce soil erosion provide an early crop the next spring. 
  • Reduced tillage and no till methods are also utilized this also assists with reducing fossil fuels and limits exposure to wind and water erosion.