Roots Run Deep Here

At KV Farms, the legacy of the Green family intertwines with the land we've cultivated for over a century. Today, Nick Green, a third-generation farmer, honours the past and forges the future with the same dedication that his grandparents, Harrison and Lennie Green, instilled in these fields.

  • Our Journey

  • Nick's hands have worked the soil and tended to livestock since he was able to walk - and up to the late 90s when the farm was semi-retired. Then, in the early 2000s, he reclaimed the family homestead. By 2015, with the same determination that fueled generations before him, he restarted the farm and purchased the base herd and embraced the wisdom of the land. Now, with over 40 cows flourishing under his watch, Nick balances his time between his day job and his true calling—farming. At KV Farms, we're not just growing a farm; we're nurturing a legacy.

  • Pasture-Raised

    Every animal roams freely, living as nature intended

  • Family-Farmed

    Four generations of grit, growing quality that you can trust

  • Purely Grass-Fed

    Our beef is fed only on lush, green pastures, forage cover-crops and baled hay/silage.

  • No Shortcuts

    We use minimum tillage, forage cover crops and practice adaptive grazing to ensure happy healthy Cattle and Soil

Farming with the Seasons, For the Seasons

Our approach to farming is simple: work with nature, not against it. Throughout the year, our free-range cattle roam and graze across the pastures, and they are moved regularly to fresh strips of land. This method encourages vigorous plant growth and healthy soil, and even healthier animals.

Winter Wisdom

When the frost sets in, our cattle continue to graze winter planted forages, corn stalks and baled hay, strategically placed to naturally fertilize the fields. It's a cycle of life that benefits the land, the livestock, and the farmer, reducing the need for fossil fuels and synthetic inputs, all while improving soil health.

The Herd

Our Grass Fed Herd is all natural, meaning they are not fed or given growth hormones, antibiotics, or vaccines. Our herd remains closed, with our commitment to raising our own calves from start to finish in a Free Range environment. Our cattle thrive outdoors throughout the year, ensuring their health and minimizing exposure to animals from other farms.

  • Quality Over Quantity

    Our cow-calf herd is the heart of KV Farms. We've chosen specific bulls for their strong genetics, which, when crossed with our mix of Purebred and F1 cows, results in a herd that's as sturdy as the PEI landscape.

  • Life Cycle

    From the natural breeding in the crisp autumn air to the birth of calves in the warmth of summer, our cattle live as intended—free. After weaning, they follow one of three paths: some become replacement heifers, continuing the cycle on our farm; others provide high-quality, free-range beef sold directly to you; and some are chosen to support the larger beef industry.